Our Fabrics

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We search high and low for fabrics that meet baby’s changing needs. Softness, breathability, warmth and durability are key to our philosophy. From our luxurious cotton and natural fibres we then weave into a wide range of fabrics perfect for all situations.

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This is one of our favourite baby fabrics, so you will find we make most our styles come out of this. It's super soft with that bit of extra stretch to accommodate growing babies but enough fabric integrity so they will not stretch out.

Jersey knit

Another favourite of ours,. Again it's super soft and silky but it has a bit more hold making it perfect for wrapping babies nice and snug.


Made from our super soft and comfy 100% cotton knit fabric which is beautifully soft against the skin and makes a great mid weight layer.


Pointelle is a fabric with a nostalgic quality, perfect for new babies. Super soft and stretchy, this delicate fabric encourages warmth retention and moisture wicking with its thermal quality and open weave.


Soft and luxuriously fluffy bath towel with just a hint of stretch to wrap your baby warm after a bath..

Cotton knits

Our range of soft cotton cotton knits have a lovely classic knitted texture. Ideal for keeping your little one snug during those season transitions..

"nature has done a wonderful job of creating the perfect functional fabrics. All we have done is add to this great, natural design."