Factors Giving Rise To The Booming Baby Wholesale Clothing Market


Are you surprised at the growing wholesale infant clothing in India? Keep reading to know the factors that are fuelling the growth in this market. 

Baby fashion orders multiplied to treble their size in the past as about half a dozen leading infant clothing manufacturer and brands launched child ventures. Baby fashion sales are experiencing 100% year-on-year (YoY) growth. Tier-2 and -3 cities are the ones that are on top of the list. This endeavour is to rope in the cash in the growing shift from unorganized requests.  

The Baby Fashion Market Trend

Traditionally in India, baby garments like rompers, dresses, and inner-wear and tear originated from small stores while high fashion branded garments were only for the rich and wealthy. 

Parents want their babies to be dressed in the brightest, and most comfortable attire all throughout the day. There is a particular outfit for every little occasion from their sleep time, or when they are having an enjoyable playtime or taking a stroll in the park. The propensity to buy ingrained garments with the rise of double-income homes, the desire of millennial parents to slip brands. Their inclination towards wanting their babies to keep up with trends, and also, social media challenges has been the key to fuelling the chances of new baby clothing manufacturers in India

Where Does India Rank In The Babywear Market?

With India being home to an estimated 120 million children in the 0- 4 time age group, retailers believe the growth rate of the child-wear and tear request is now drawing parallels to the one seen in the kidswear request. The huge consumer base is therefore making small garments a big business for retailers. Also, the soaring number of working women in the fashion industry of India increases their purchasing power. As a result, there has been a hike in demand for designer clothes for kids.

Some brands have been launching their Breathing wear for kids that has a distinctive fabric. One can characterize such fabric by custom patterns. Furthermore, this pattern is readable by the brand’s camera that ultimately connects to a smartphone. Such characteristics allow parents to monitor the breathing motion of their kids easily. 


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