How To Check The Size Of Kid’s Outfit When Buying Them As A Gift?


The most optimum gift for any new mother is perfect for her kid’s outfit. Know how to check size from baby clothing manufacturers Lebanon. 

It is important to be both emotional and practical while buying baby wears. Some clothes may appeal to the eyes but may not be very comfortable for the kid. On the other hand, some are extremely comfortable but don’t look that good. So, what to do in such a situation? Here’s why the leading baby clothing manufacturers Mauritius got your back with this comprehensive guide. 

The Ultimate Guide To Kid’s Clothing Sizes 

While they all appear tiny, the outfit for 0-3 months old kids is very different from the 6 months. Read the points below to make an informed decision. 

  1. Size up

Kids grow up at a very fast pace. Hence, if you are not really sure about the size of the little member, go for a bigger size. For example, if you want to gift a baby who is only 6 months old. So, you can also opt for a dress that’s ideal for 9-12 months old. Even if the baby is smaller in terms of weight and height, parents can restore them for their later growth stages. 

  1. Don’t forget to consider the season 

Suppose, you are gifting an infant who is born during the summer season. In the next 6 months, she will grow like crazy. Thus, buy an outfit that the baby can wear not only in summer but also in winter. This will make your purchase a beneficial and economical one. 

  1. Opt for hand-me-downs as well 

While you may not consider it a “present”, some parents do. In fact, doctors suggest babies wear used clothes right after they take birth. Because their skin is very sensitive, it is significant to check the clothes’ quality first. But before handing your kids’ outfits to someone else, make sure to wash them in a gentle detergent. There are high chances that these items will be appreciated as well as worn repetitively. 

  1. Designer duds are always welcome 

Finally, don’t forget to maximize your gifting essence with some designer couture. If you bring the baby a simple outfit, then make sure to combine it with some designer accessories. For instance, you can gift a baby girl a small headband or caps and for a baby boy, you can buy cute bowties. However, ensure that each one of them is comfortable. 


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