The Perfect Guide To Store Your Baby Clothes Along With Keepsakes


Those little clothes by baby clothes manufacturers and wholesalers deserve to be stored in the right way. Read this blog and know how to store your keepsakes. 

Once your baby outgrows your lap, it doesn’t mean that you will throw their clothes away. Imagine the joy of seeing those clothes after your child has got married or has their own baby. This guide by the best baby apparels distributors in Israel ensures that your items last really long. 

Tips To Store Baby Clothes And Keepsakes

  1. Before packing anything away, begin by ensuring that the garments and blankets are completely clean. Make them stain-free by dry cleaning or laundering them using a soft detergent. If you are unsure if the item is clean, it is worth washing them again for complete safety. Pay particular attention to stains and dry them completely before packing. 
  2. Oxygen bleach is safe to use on your baby clothes. In fact, you can use it in both white and colour clothes. However, avoid using bleach for silk and wool clothes because they are sensitive fabrics. Be on the safe side by following the package instructions as to how many gallons of water you can use. 
  3. When you want to wash baby clothes, submerge them completely in water. Allow it to soak for more than seven hours. Check the stain and if it’s gone, start washing it. If the stain remains even then, make a fresh solution and repeat it. Several soakings will be able to remove the stain completely from the soft garment. 
  4. For dry clean pieces, take them to an expert and point out the faulty areas. Since dry cleaning is quite a misnomer, make sure to clean your items completely before storing them. It is better to wait a day or two before you pack away. 

How To Pack Baby Clothes? 

  • Start with lightly packing puffy sleeves or hats with acid-free tissues. Next, lay off each garment to a separate layer of tissue. 
  • Wrap the items with tissue and cushion them in each fold. This will avoid heavy creasing. Also, store each item individually in the storage box. 
  • Baby clothes are very prone to insects. So, use a natural insect repellant like lavender or naphthalene balls. 
  • Finally, it is important that you store them in a cool, dry place. Prevent extreme temperature areas such as attics, garages and basements. The interior space of the house is an ideal space. 


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