What Is Babywear Market Size And Global Trends?


The ever-changing fashion trends have a strong impact on baby clothes manufacturer in Malaysia. Read this blog to check out what are the recent babywear market trends. 

Growing social media influence is affecting every sector and the baby apparel market is no exception. Modern age parents prefer the right clothing for their kids. Thereby, pushing the demand for comfortable and fashionable clothes. As a result, baby clothes manufacturers and wholesalers all across the world have been indulging themselves in constant experimentation. 

Recent Trends In The Babywear Market 

  1. The smart baby apparel sector has been gaining traction because of its ability to detect different activities of infants. Wearable fashion clothing determines information from attached sensors to babywear that sends signals to parents’ smartphones. Hence, they can keep a watchful eye on their infant all the time. 
  2. Some brands have been launching their Breathing wear for kids that has a distinctive fabric. One can characterize such fabric by custom patterns. Furthermore, this pattern is readable by the brand’s camera that ultimately connects to a smartphone. Such characteristics allow parents to monitor the breathing motion of their kids easily. 
  3. Medical progress like in-vitro fertilization as well as surrogacy is helping parents to overcome the concerns of infertility. Therefore, there has been a rapid increase in the number of newborns. Besides, babies upto the age of 24 months generally outgrow their sizes instantly. Consequently, there takes place frequent purchases of new clothes. 
  4. Lastly, the soaring number of working women in the fashion industry increases their purchasing power. As a result, there has been a hike in demand for designer clothes for kids. Social media challenges have also been a driving factor for new-age fashionable baby apparel. 

Kids Apparel Market Size

The market has segments such as top wear, bottom wear and others. Further, top wear has classifications into shirts, tops, bodysuits, etc. Bodysuits tend to hold a significant share as they are a convenient option for parents in terms of changing diapers. Bottom wear products have classifications such as skirts, trousers, half pants, etc. 

Depending on the material, the market has classifications such as wool, cotton and others. Since the baby’s skin is delicate, clothes have to be made up of soft materials. Besides, there has also been a surge in trendy baby silk clothing as well as soft woollen wear. The cotton baby clothing segment may also hold the lion’s share in the global market owing to its inherent softness. 


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