What To Do And What Not While Ironing Clothes Of A Newborn Baby?


Do you want to know the right way of ironing an infant’s clothes? Then, read this blog by a top-notch baby clothes manufacturer in Malaysia and gain insight. 

Newborn kids have extremely delicate as well as sensitive skin. When laundry is concerned, parents generally give preference to the baby’s outfit. Taking care of them while ironing is equally important while washing them. Let’s discover what good baby clothing manufacturers in India have to say about this. 

Baby Clothes Ironing: What Mothers Think Vs What Doctors Advice?

  • Generally, mothers think that ironing an entire pile of infant clothes can be helpful because they work all day. But, using a steam iron directly on your clothes can sometimes be harmful. 
  • Paediatricians suggest ironing infant clothes after every wash. Especially, when you hang them to air dry. The high heat of the iron and steam pressure can kill the remaining bacteria and germs. 
  • Further, this prevents the occurrence of allergies in the baby’s body. It also helps to get rid of detergent residues that may itch your infant. 

Advantages Of Ironing Newborn’s Clothes 

  1. Kills Insects And Other Organisms 

Washing powders and soaps are not efficient for killing all the germs. Additionally, when you hang clothes out for drying, small insects can often get inside the tiny outfits. While ironing, the heat enables the removal of these organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. 

  1. Helps you get rid of bacteria trapped in fibres 

The washing machine acts as another medium holding back bacteria from the unhygienic outfits. Mirco organisms sometimes get inside the cloth fibres and are very stubborn while removing them. This is why it is important to iron clothes. Because even if the bacteria can withstand water, they will not be able to withstand the heat.

  1. Removes the trapped moisture 

Whether you know it or not but trapped moisture often acts as a breeding ground for microorganisms. This can be harmful and may eventually result in skin allergies. While ironing, the excessive heat helps in getting rid of the moisture lying inside. 

  1. Eliminates foul smell

Certain nasty food stains bever go away after a single wash. Ironing removes these odours and adds a fresh smell to the cute outfits. Not only that, but ironing in an efficient manner also helps to strengthen the fibre, thus making them last longer. 


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